Square Knot Farm is fifth- and sixth-generation farmers working approximately 250 acres of land outside Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. We are raising pastured beef, small grains, and the next generation. We implement regenerative agriculture practices, such as rotational grazing and cover cropping, throughout our operation.

We keep a herd of 50-70 head of beef cattle, including the bull, brood cows, calves, and animals growing to butchering weight. They are mixed breed cattle, with a predominately Angus and Hereford lineage. The animals are primarily grass-fed: pasture as long as it is available throughout the year and hay during the winter, supplemented with non-GMO corn silage, which is the entire stalk of corn, cob and all. All the feed the cattle receive is grown on our farm. The cattle are not treated with any hormones, nor are they given routine antibiotics. Calves are by their mothers’ sides until they wean naturally, in time for the next year’s calf.

Most of our cattle are sold as custom quarters of grass-fed beef. We also sell young feeder steers and heifers to individuals looking to raise their own meat.

Know your farmer.

The successful farmer is the one who makes the best use of his sunlight.

Beth & Shawn Dougherty
The Independent Farmstead

Work and hope. But never hope more than you work.

Charles Baldwin Clutterbuck

Eating is an agricultural act.

Wendell Berry