Ordering Custom Beef

Buying beef by the quarter or the half for the first time can seem overwhelming or confusing. We’ve walked lots of customers through their first orders. Here’s a few details about the process.

We use two local butcher shops; both are state inspected facilities. Your meat will be cut, vacuum-packed, labeled, and frozen for pick-up. We sell beef by the half or mixed quarter, which means you will get cuts from the front and hind quarters. You may specify which cuts you prefer, size of roasts, and packaging instructions and the butchers will do their best to accommodate your requests. Please keep in mind if you are getting a quarter, you are essentially sharing a half and the butcher will work to divide the half fairly.

Price is based on current beef market values, and is charged by the hanging weight. You can expect a quarter to be approximately 130-175 pounds hanging weight. The finished weight (after bones are removed, fat trimmed, etc.) is typically about 60-70% of the hanging weight. This probably won’t fit in the freezer above your fridge; most of our customers have a separate chest freezer. The price per pound includes standard processing charges. Other options, such as hamburger patties, chip steak or bologna, are available for an additional fee. Minimums on special processing do apply, and the butcher can provide this information. We will send you a form for the butcher we are using for your order to give you an idea of the cuts available, but feel free to ask for anything specific you are looking for and the butcher can advise you. 

The process for ordering it to let us know that you would like purchase the quarter, then fill out the cut sheet for the cuts you want and send it back to us. We will deliver the steer and cut sheet to the butcher and then he will call you when it is ready to pick up, approximately two weeks after the butcher date.